-- Beware the Wolf --

Baronial Awards

For many years only one baronial award was granted by the Barony of North Wods: the ancient and honorable Order of the White Wolf.

Members may be recognized by a patch bearing azure, a wolf's head erased vorant of a sun argent. For many members of the populace this is the first award granted them, well predating their Award of Arms. More than one set of reigning Royality has been startled by the Barony's granting each new member to the Order a traditional, full throated howl of welcome.

A few bear the Augmented White Wolf, which adds a sword, Or, clenched in the wolf's jaws. The gentles -- Aldric, Einarr, Stephen, Brannos, Tarquin, and Colum -- earned this honor by serving as Baronial Champion.

In 1994 (AS 28) a second Baronial Award was established, this is the true award in that it may be given many times: The Award of the Northern Star. There are three divisions of this award: Argent (martial arts), Or (Arts and Sciences) and Gules (service). The twist that North Woods puts on this award is that altho the Baron may grant the star as he sees fit, the recipient then OBLIGATED to go forth and seek the next to be honored - then to extol that one's deeds to the Baron and the populace in alater court. - Silver Anniversary Booklet

In 2014 (AS 48) a new award has been established - the Council of Wolves aka The Wolf Pack. This is an award granted to a group for service the the Barony. The final version is being finalized. It is Azure a sun Or within three wolves in annulo courant argent or a circle of Wolves running around the sun on a blue background. The first group to receive the honor is North Wood's canton of WealdLake.