-- Beware the Wolf --

Baronial Candidates

Candidates for the next Baron(ess) and Baroness of North Woods

Áindle & Alianor Morgaine & Æsa

Áindle & Alianor

Gloss of Scribed Letter of Intent
Greetings to Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, Their Excellencies and the good nobles and gentles of North Woods, and all who hold interest in these matters.

We, Lord Áindle Ó Diarmada and THLady Alianor bat Asriel, humbly and boldly present ourselves for consideration as heirs to the Barony of North Woods. The lineage of the Barony of North Woods, the oldest Barony in the Middle Kingdom, is esteemed and exceptional: from Baron Sir Thorvald inn Grimmi/Baroness Signy Dimmridaela to Baroness Roxanne of Bloekmedwe to Baron Angus Gove MacKinnon/Baroness Ciara McRobbie to Baron odo de Eau/Baronessa Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar to the current guardians of the North Woods, Baron Maximilian der Zauberber/Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel. This lineage has established a measure of comportment and service which will take no small effort to equal. We feel we are able to put forth that effort and are willing to invest ourselves, our time, and our talents in working for the good of the Barony, the Kingdom, and the Dream.

We would be proud and honored to be entrusted with the care and representation of this most noble Barony to the Crown and to bear the tidings and wishes of the Crown to the people of the North Woods.

Our Beginning Vision for North Woods
We are proud to be members of the premiere barony of the Middle Kingdom. Sometimes what comes first falls behind and we feel that this has happened, quite unintentionally, to North Woods. It is our hope to be instrumental in restoring that which is North Woods, to polish her until she shines as an inspiration so she may stand proud in service to the Dream.

The legacy we hope to follow is worth continuing and we will strive to do so by presenting North Woods and ourselves in the best light possible; by listening to the concerns and opinions within her borders and representing them honorably and honestly to the Crown; by imparting the words and wisdom of the Crown to the edges of her borders; and by giving no cause for apology, shame or grievance. We want to create a presence and image of North Woods so that its populace is proud to proclaim themselves North Woods – a venerable presence worthy of a premiere barony.

One of the most important steps toward elevating the baronial presence would be to spotlight and recognize the deeds and accomplishments of its populace. This will be no small task as there are many talented, creative, and generous gentles in North Woods that serve their households, cantons, the barony, and the kingdom. Many have been recognized and should continue to be recognized for their continued efforts; however, we have also suffered famine for there are those who have a long history of service and accomplishment yet remain unheralded and unsung.

North Woods has horns to blow and they need to be heard.

Additionally, the barony currently comprises five cantons all of whom are very active and have their own personalities. This is not something we want to see change; however, we would like to see more of a baronial presence. It is extremely important for cantons to maintain their individuality and do what they have been doing, but we believe it would be beneficial to help establish a greater presence for the barony (and perhaps even more fun) if the cantons would, when appropriate, come together with sword and shield, cloak and dagger, bow and arrow, axe and spear, and even arts and sciences to battle or teach side by side. North Woods is a formidable entity populated by amazing people whom we would be most honored to represent to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom.

Our Brief SCA History
Once upon a time a young student at a university located in Dearnn Ansilet was invited to attend the meetings of a group called the SCA. She remembers well noble lords practicing swordplay with Freon-helms and carpet armor. She was chatted up by the ladies about the care and feeding of sheep, sheep shearing, wool carding, spinning, dying, weaving, sewing, and other social options. After a few months, she decided that perhaps this group was a bit much for a busy, financially bereft young student. Many years later, upon moving with her young family to the Wealdlake area, the SCA appeared once more. Remembering her experiences in Dearnn Ansilet, she was resistant for a good many years. As time continued, the opportunity to join was presented over and over, and her good husband was very interested, and (after many sad looks and heart rending sighs) with the added charm of the members of Wealdlake, he finally succeeded in convincing her to try again. Aindle and Aliyah and their four daughters began by helping at the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest demonstration in 2001 and then became members in 2002. Two of their daughters are still very active members in the Middle Kingdom: THL SæhildR barngoðR, and Lady Bryn Archer while a third daughter resides in Calontir.

Lord Áindle Ó Diarmada became the Pursuivant/Herald for Wealdlake in 2002 and still retains that position. As the canton herald he visited Herald’s Pointe at his first Pennsic (2005) to see what could be done about Wealdlake’s missing name and device submission. The canton’s issues aside, he came home excited to make similar services available to the populace at a local level and Wealdlake’s Herald’s Pointe was born (2008) when the canton was looking to host “an event that was not already being done.” In 2010, the Scribal aspect was added to the event. Dwyn was the Event Steward for this event for 10 years. In 2017, he was approached by the Kingdom Buckler Herald and asked if he would relinquish the event to become a Regional one. He has been Wealdlake’s Webminister since 2003 and served as the North Woods Webminister from 2007-2015. He is currently the Pentemere Fenris Herald (since 2016). Dwyn is most often found on the rapier lists where he wields both sword and marshal’s baton. He is also an authorized armored fighter and very much enjoys being a Siege Engineer, favoring the ballista. He has been part of the battles with siege weapons every Pennsic he has attended since 2006. Dwyn is also very helpful around events, pitching in when help is needed in the kitchens, with set-up and tear-down, and running general “OMG” errands.

SCA Hobbies: Wood working, cooking, collecting the stories and history of North Woods

SCA Awards: Award of Arms (Apr 2007), Purple Fret (Jun 2010), Order of the Willow (Nov 2014), Cavendish Knot (Jun 2017)

North Woods Awards: White Wolf, Northern Stars: A&S (2) and Service (2)

Outside of the SCA: Mark has a Master’s Degree in Information Assurance from Eastern Michigan University and holds the CISSP certification. He now works for the State of Michigan after surviving the economic pitfalls of having his last three employers close their doors. He is a member of Infragard and the SANS Institute. He is the Webmaster (pro bono) for several 501c3 groups. He has been a member of the Howell JC s, and a Girl Scout “Cookie Mom” (with four daughters it was inevitable).

THLady Alianor bat Asriel became the Historian and Archivist (2005-2014) for the Incipient Canton of Wealdlake and compiled their “Great Book” for consideration of full status; which was finally granted after 17 years, on September 21, 2013, at Rose Tourney. She is a staunch supporter of the Arts and Sciences and has served as the canton’s Minister of Arts and Sciences (2013- present) and as the North Woods A&S Champion (2014). Aliyah has hosted several A&S days and scribal evenings, arranging for and/or teaching A&S classes for these activities and other events. She has run Smelly Science at It Takes My Child to Raze a Village (ITMCTRAV), locally and Pennsic edition for six years. She has served as kitchen staff and kitchen steward many times. Her artwork decorates many of Lord Áindle’s wood working projects including the North Woods’ thrones and table. Aliyah has been scribe for the Kingdom since 2008.

SCA Hobbies: Scribal work, research, sewing, cooking, silk banner painting, Aliyah’s Aromatics (which include Bruise Butter, Sore Muscle Rub, and period milled soaps)

SCA Awards: Award of Arms (Apr 2007), Purple Fret (Jun 2010), Order of the Willow (Sep 2013), Order of the Dragon’s Heart (May 2017)

North Woods Awards: White Wolf, Northern Stars: A&S (3) and Service (3)

Outside of the SCA: Marilyn has a BA from the University of Michigan. She has been a stay-athome mom and a working mom. She has worked in food service, retail service, and been a before and after school latchkey/enrichment director and substitute teacher. For the last 16 years she has worked as a chiropractic office manager in Brighton. She was a member of the Howell JC s, a Girl Scout Leader for 7 years, and a BoD member for Brighton’s Own Livingston Players Community Theater Group.

Morgaine & Æsa

Letter of Intent
We, THL Morgaine nic Fhrannsaidh and Lady Æsa Þosdottir, intend to run for the position of Baroness/Baroness of the Barony of North Woods.  It is our desire to continue our service to the Barony with the goals of continuing the strides achieved by our predecessors as a unifying force within the Barony.  We also plan to attend not only local events, but events in and out of the region of Pentamere to strengthen the “presence” of the oldest Barony of the Middle Kingdom.   Together, Æsa and I, feel we bring a unique mixture of talent to the position of Baronesses…the old and the young.  Though both of us have been members of the SCA for over 25 years,  my time has been serving in multiple positions at the local and baronial levels, and have observed the ebbs and flows of the society as a whole over the years.  Æsa, having growing up in the society as many of her generation has,  is aware of how the society works, but also beings the enthusiasm and insight of ideas to help our barony grow and prosper as the society moves into the second half of a century of existence.

SCA Experience:
Morgaine: I attended my first SCA meeting in Dec 1985. Over the years I have served as Baronial seneschal and chronicler; and at the local level seneschal, exchequer, chronicler, A & S Officer, and chatelaine.   I also have multiple times over the years served for the local group as event steward, head cook, ran lunch tavern, ran gate, and was merchant liaison.  In the ways of the arts and sciences, most of my experience is in clothing design having made multiple tunics, trews, shirts, gowns, kilts, cloaks, and two pavilions.  I have been an authorized heavy weapons fighter, shot archery, and taught classes in Medieval Philosophy and Raising Children in the SCA.   Though never taught a formal SCA class on how to sew, I have spent time encouraging and teaching others to sew on a one- on-one basis. (Most memorable student was Master Alan Fairfax teaching him how to make a Viking tunic back in his early days in the Society.  It took him 12 straight hours to sew a tunic that would have taken me a couple of hours.  I did not know I had patience until then!)

Æsa: I have been in the society all my life,  I have been my groups pursuivant and A&S officer; and have assisted setting-up and cleaning-up multiple event sites, served feast on multiple occasions, and serving as a gofer for the adults (and my mom). After a stint in the U.S. military, I lived in Ansteorra where I became an authorized fighter.