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Baronial Charter

The following is an online copy of the Charter of the Barony of North Woods. In case of conflict with printed versions of material printed on this page or its links, the dispute will be decided in favor of the printed version unless otherwise indicated.


We, the People of the Barony of North Woods, do hereby ordain and establish this Charter, revised this 30th day of October, A.S. L (2015).

Article 1.0: The Baronial Council

1. A standing committee, referred to hereafter as the “Council," shall be formed for the purpose of fostering greater Baronial unity, resolving issues of import to the Barony, coordinating events, and assisting the Baron, Baroness, and the Baronial Officers in general.

2. This Council shall be comprised of three delegates from each member group, the Baronial Officers (excluding any deputies) and the Baron and Baroness of North Woods.

a. The method by which each member group -shall choose its delegates shall be left to the discretion of that group, but should include the Seneschal and Exchequer of that respective group or their designate if they are unavailable.

b. Each group's Seneschal shall inform the Baronial Seneschal of the identity of their Council delegates in advance of any Council meeting.

                        c. If such notice is not given, said delegates will not be seated.

3. The Council shall meet a minimum of twice yearly, preferably quarterly, or when called into special session by the Baron, Baroness, or Baronial Seneschal.

a. Issues requiring a vote will be decided on by the members of this Council. The Seneschal shall facilitate this vote and will not vote upon the matter except in the instance of a tie.

b. Votes may be cast in a virtual manner if a physical gathering is not feasible (such as for an emergency meeting of the Council, a delegate is unavoidably detained, etc.). Votes cast in such a manner shall have the identity of the voter confirmed by the Seneschal. Such virtual meetings shall be publically announced with as much notice as feasible.

Article 2.0: Baronial Terms and Limits

  1. The Barony shall place no limit on the number of terms a person may serve as an Officer or as Baron/ess other than as stipulated by Kingdom law or the supervising officer.
  2. Officer terms shall be 3 years in length, with one third of the positions open to election in each year.
  3. Officer terms will expire on the January 31st of the respective year of their term. The order which is suggested is Year one: Seneschal, Chatelaine, MoAS, Web Minister; Year two:  Exchequer, Herald, Armored Marshal;  Year three: Chronicler, Youth Minister, Rapier Marshal.

An Example with dates:
Year one (Expires 1-31-18)
Web Minister

Year two (Expires 1-31-19)
Armored Marshal

Year three (Expires 1-31-20)
Youth Minister
Rapier Marshal

Article 3.0: Additional Duties of the Baronial Seneschal

1. The process of recommending officers to the Kingdom (election process) will be overseen by the Baronial Seneschal.

2. The Baronial Seneschal may appoint deputies to assist in the fulfillment of these duties, subject to the approval of the Council.

            3. These duties include:

a. Oversight of any and all selections of Baronial offices (but not the Baron/ess, see below); and

b. Ensuring that these selections are fair, free, and open, with the ballots counted publicly and at a place accessible to the populace and candidates with the results being made public.

            4. The Baronial Seneschal oversees the acknowledgement of delegates to the Council.

5. Neither the Baronial Seneschal nor said deputies may supervise an election or recall for which that specific person, nor any member of their residence, are involved.

Article 4.0: Additional Duties of the Baronial Exchequer

1. The Baronial Treasury shall be administered by the Baronial Exchequer in accordance with Society and Kingdom law/ financial policies.

2. This Exchequer will be elected in the manner detailed for all other Baronial officers, save that the Exchequer may not be a close relative or spouse of the Baron, Baroness, or any other Baronial Officer who is also a signer on the bank account, nor reside in the same residence of any of those listed.

3. All disbursements made by the Exchequer shall first be approved by the Baronial Council, which may be summoned for this purpose by the Baron, Baroness, or Baronial Seneschal.

Article 5.0 Additional Duties of the Baron and Baroness

1. The Baron or Baroness shall hold at least two courts per year. During each term, they must hold court in each member group at least once.

Article 6.0: Candidate Requirements

1. In order to be eligible to serve as Baron or Baroness or as a Baronial Officer, the following qualifications must be met:

a. The candidates for Baron and Baroness (not for Officers) must reside within the confines of the Barony. If the candidate subsequently leaves the Barony, they must immediately withdraw their candidacy.

b. Be a member in good standing of SCA Inc.

c. The candidate must be enrolled with the Baronial Seneschal by the close of nominations (as specified in Article 7).

            2. Candidates are also encouraged to publicly declare their candidacy.

   3. If an Officer leaves the Barony during the course of their term, resigns, or otherwise leaves their office, the position shall be put up as an interim office for the balance of their term. This will require a special election, using the procedures outlined below.

Article 7.0: Officer Election Process

1. At the Council meeting prior to the completion of an officer's term of office (a minimum of 8 weeks), the Seneschal shall notify the populace of any open or soon to be open Officer positions (those unfilled or those expiring in the forthcoming January). This announcement begins the nomination and election process.

a. Candidates will have four (4) weeks to declare their candidacy and must notify the Seneschal of their intent to be a candidate.

2. A maximum of two (2) weeks after nominations are closed, the Seneschal shall distribute ballots to the populace of the Barony

                        a. Electors must reside within the confines of the Barony.

            3. The voting period shall last two (2) weeks from the date the ballots are distributed.

4. On the same day the polls close, the Seneschal shall publicly count the ballots and certify the returns.

5. The candidate who receives the most votes will be identified as the preferred candidate for the position.

a. The Baronial Seneschal shall submit a written report of the polling returns to the Baron and Baroness and to the populace of the Barony.

b. The Seneschal shall forward this result to the relevant Kingdom and Regional officers.

6. Neither the Crown nor the Kingdom Officers shall be bound in any way by the results of this or any other Baronial election.

a. Pending a warrant from the relevant Kingdom officer, the identified preferred candidate may assume the duties of said office unless the candidate is not acceptable to the Crown or Kingdom officer. If this is found to be the case, the candidate with the second most votes shall become the preferred candidate. If no alternative candidate is available or acceptable, a special election using the above steps will be conducted to identify one.

Article 8.0: Baronial Polling

  1. Six months before the completion of the Baron's or Baroness' term of office the Seneschal will be contacted by the Group Transitions Deputy to begin the polling process. The Seneschal may contact the Group Transitions Deputy if the Barony requires a polling earlier than this timeframe. Their Excellencies will notify the Seneschal a minimum of 6 months prior to stepping down, especially in the instance when stepping down before a full term of office.

Article 9.0: Recall Procedures

1. If the populace believes any officer or the Baron or Baroness is failing in their duty to the people of the Barony, they may vote to recall said person from their office or position.

a. In order for a petition to be considered, it must be received by the Baronial Seneschal in written form, signed and dated by the petitioners. The petition must also be copied to the Baron and Baroness.

b. Recall petitions involving the Baron or Baroness will be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal by the Baronial Seneschal. The Kingdom Seneschal shall conduct the necessary votes/ procedure from that point onward. The Crown and Kingdom Seneschal should be notified, far in advance, if there is a problem rising to the level of a potential recall of the Baron or Baroness.

2. Once the petition is received, the Baronial Seneschal will forward the petition to the Baronial Council.

a. The Baronial Council may reject or return for re-wording a petition it is not sufficiently clear, concise, or addressed in a civil manner.

b. If the petition language is found to be acceptable, the Baronial Seneschal shall forward a copy of the petition to the person being recalled within a maximum of 2 days.

3. A maximum of two (2) weeks after receiving this petition, the Baronial Seneschal shall poll the populace of the Barony. The question on the ballot shall be phrased "Shall [the person in question] retain their office as the [office or position] of North Woods?"

a. If a majority of the votes cast respond negatively, that person shall be asked to resign their office, as they have agreed to abide by this Charter. If the individual does not resign in a timely fashion, the Baronial Council shall immediately forward a petition to the respective Kingdom Officer for their removal.

b. A special election will be held to fill the office or position for the remainder of their term.

c. If less than a majority vote for the removal of the person in question, they will retain their office and no further petitions for their removal may be submitted for a minimum of 3 months.

Article 10.0: Amendment Procedures

1. This Charter may be amended upon the receipt by the Baronial Seneschal of a petition     signed by a number of electors not less than 33% of the total number of ballots cast in the most recent Baronial Seneschal election or by the approval of two thirds of the Baronial Council.

2. Upon receipt of a completed petition, the Baronial Seneschal shall immediately forward it to the appropriate Kingdom officials for the purposes of determining conflict with Kingdom or Society Law. Amendments or revisions may only be considered if they have the approval of the proper Kingdom officials.

3. A maximum of two (2) weeks after the amendment or revision has been has been approved, the Baronial Seneschal shall hold a referendum on the amendment.

4. The voting period shall last two (2) weeks from the beginning of the referendum.

5. In order for the amendment to be added or revisions to be approved, it must gain a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the populace.

6. If the amendment fails to garner the necessary majority, it may not be reconsidered until the next meeting of the Council as a whole, except at the direction of the Crown or Kingdom Seneschal.