-- Beware the Wolf --


Throughout the year, several annual SCA events take place on our Baronial lands.  

  • Squire's Tourney
    • a day of competition in Armored and Rapier Combat, as well as the Arts and Sciences.  
    • Our Baronial Champions for the year are selected at this event.
  • It takes my child to raze a village
    • a family-friendly, youth-oriented event dedicated to enjoying all aspects of the SCA
  • Herald's Pointe & Scribal Collegium
    • dedicated to heraldry and the art of calligraphy & illumination
  • Wassail
    • an informal Winter holiday feast
  • 12th Night
    • a formal Winter holiday event
    • hosted in a 3 year rotation with our neighboring Baronies
  • Pentamere Archer's College
    • a new event dedicated to skills of the bow
  • Ale to the Victors
    • a fun tailgate themed event