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This page is the portal to the history of the Barony of NorthWoods.

A brief outline of North Woods past

Origins: Source-Midrealm Historian

The first tournament in North Woods took place May 2, A.S.V.

That's generally the date that North Woods dates from.

Back in the day, there was less formal paperwork. North Woods and Tree-Girt-Sea are the oldest Midrealm groups. Thorvald, Signy and Susan from North Woods brought the SCA first to the Midrealm (A.S. III went to a Bay Con in CA), but made only plans (no events/tourneys) for about 2 years. Between that time and A.S. V, Tree-Girt-Sea was formed.

North Woods lost contact with the West (actually, the West lost the North Woods letters of communication) and so when they re-established contact, they became known as the "Lost Barony."

And there you have it.

Lady Meliora Levedai de Ardescote (aka the Kingdom Historian)
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Northwoods Baronial Feast Gear

The below is the text of a handwritten note found with the Baronial Feast Gear. 

Greetings Excellencies of Northwoods,

I wish to give you a more detailed account of the production of the Northwoods Feast Gear. This Feast Gear was donated to you by the Canton of Ealdnordwuda. And was headed up by Eloise Mousebane. The following people gave their time and talent to the production of the Feast Gear.

  • Design of the Feast Gear:  Pommeroy
  • Outlining and Painting of the Feast Gear:  Eloise, Michaela, Rannulf, Dulcenea, Cecellia, Thelen, Cecildie, Kestral, Anihornette, Anghanarad, Aelfie, and Tena
  • Making of Fabric Bags:  Michaelea, Rannulf
  • Donating and Painting of Picnic baskets:  Pommeroy, Eloise, Sophia

Hours spend on Feast Gear 118.50 hours

This feast gear can be washed in the dishwasher, but do not use lemon soap. There are a total of five sets, one has been retained by the Canton in case anything should happen to one of the four sets that the Barony of Northwoods is being given. Pommeroy and Eloise have charge of this sets and if the need arises, please let us know. Also, there is a template of the designs that I can get to you, so that in the future if more pieces are needed they can be made to match the original five sets. We hope you enjoy the Feast Gear, we all enjoyed contributing to it's development, and look forward to seeing it on a feast table.

The Canton of Ealdnordwuda
and Eloise Mousebane

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