Dancers Revolt – Dance List (tentative)

The pages listed are from the PENNSIC PILE 50-YEAR edition. It can be in the folder below, or here:
The PDFs for Dancers Revolt can be found here:
Note: the set list order is not defined and will be updated closer to the date.

English Country – Taught by: TBD

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Half HannikinBeginnerpg. 143
Jenny Pluck PearsBeginnerPDF
Picking of SticksIntermediatePDF
WhirligigIntermediatepg. 174

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15th c. Italian – Taught by: TBD

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Petit RiensBeginnerPDF
Petit RoseBeginnerpg. 27
Vita di CholinoIntermediatePDF
RostiboliIntermediatepg. 30

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16th c. Italian – Taught by: Mistress Alina of Foxwood

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Contra Passo (Chigi)Beginnerpg. 67
FedeltaIntermediatepg. 70
Gracca AmorosaAdvancedpg. 77
Bella GioiosaAdvancedpg. 60

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Choral – Taught by: Baroness Catharine

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Belle Qui PavaneBeginnerPDF
Heart’s EaseBeginnerPDF
Black AlmainBeginnerPDF
Sellenger’s RoundBeginnerPDF
Hyde ParkIntermediatePDF

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Modern Music Set – Taught by: TBD

Dance Name (to Modern Song)DifficultyMusician Info
Posten’s Jig (to Devil Went Down to Georgia)AdvancedPDF
Black Nag (to Ghostbusters)Intermediatepg. 130
Goddesses (to Cantina Band)Intermediatepg. 141
Bizzaria (to Safety Dance)AdvancedPDF
Ginevra Weasley (to Low)AdvancedPDF

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SCA Choreographies – Taught by: TBD

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Quen Quer QueBeginnerPDF
Heralds in LoveIntermediatePDF or Not the Pile 43 p. 7
Burley MarinersIntermediatePDF
Two Fat LadiesAdvancedPDF
Pennsic DanceAdvancedPDF

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Bonus Tracks – Taught by: TBD

Dance NameDifficultyMusician Info
Road to the IslesIntermediatePDF

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