Award of the Blue Moon

Let it be known that on this VI day of December, AS LIV, at the Ironwolf Holiday Gathering in the Canton of Wealdlake, in the Barony of North Woods, do we, Áindle ÓDiarmada and Aliyah bat Asriel, Baron and Baroness of North Woods, do hereby establish the Award of the Blue Moon.

The Blue Moon is a rare thing and rarity is often considered desirable and valuable. The Award of the Blue Moon is given at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness of North Woods to an individual whom they consider to be rare, desirable, and valuable; worthy of recognition and deserving of honor for deeds, skills, accomplishments, attitudes, character, and integrity. It is an award to be given in a manner in keeping with its name and intent.

Let all assembled hear these words and know them to be true. There is among us one who has given of themselves repeatedly to a level that is beyond that which is otherwise seen.

For repeatedly standing as a Baronial Champion
For repeatedly defending the Honor and Glory of Kingdom and Barony
For teaching those who ask
For leading those who will follow
For guiding and instilling confidence in those who will lead
For giving counsel, care, and support where and when needed
For creating and maintaining
For inspiring
For being a rarity

We present this award and name as The Premiere Recipient of the Award of the Blue Moon

  • Sir Osric von Eisenwulf

We are honored to recognize the following gentles of North Woods as Recipients of the Award of the Blue Moon.

  • Brigida Alderotti
  • Nigellus leHaite
  • Katherine of Deva
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